Saturday, June 16, 2018

Twenty Four

Here's a recap of some of the food consumed, purchases and happenings of the past few months, which have been full-on! My birthday came and went, and I felt so blessed celebrating with my friends and family. Since my last post, I've been busy with organising the wedding, we've been sorting out where we're going to live, and taking it as it comes, with delicious food and quality time with family and friends! Recently culled my makeup and discovered some new things and rediscovered some old things! Might post on that soon. Until then, it's food and good memories!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Chapter

So much has happened since I last posted on the blog. Summer of 17/18 was busy and filled with friends, family and food.Christmas came and went, 2017 passed and 2018 came, and I entered a new phase of life!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November Favourites

November- what a month. Between October and November I had three weddings to attend, and went back to Singapore for a week to attend an uncle's wedding, and it was such a whirlwind of a trip. I wish it had been longer but all the same, I'm thankful for being able to go. I've got some skincare, hair and makeup favourites to share, as well as some random additions that I've been loving. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Favourites

Spring has sprung, and I'm posting some monthly favourites today! I've been loving some new products in my everyday routine, and some that are fading my acne scars.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Instant Glow

Charlotte Tilbury - what a rockstar. I first heard of her when Lena mentioned her, and started seeing her name dropped in Youtube videos exponentially. Her makeup artistry is amazing in its own right, and the reputation of her product line has quickly followed suit. I was tempted by the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, and the eyeshadow quads but held off because I didn't feel like I could spend that much money on a product I would only use on occasion. When I saw this palette in one of Zoe's videos my interest was piqued and soon enough I got my paws on one!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Coffee for Breakfast

Back at it with another (chiefly food) post! It's been a while but I've got a nice long post - maybe grab a snack, or you'll want a snack by the end of the post. I undertook a month of a detox for no junk food during the workweek with my team at work and my skin's improved, my mood's improved and I think I'll try to maintain less processed foods and go running 3 times a week because I totally fell off the wagon that I was barely on. I love my food but I also need to moderate, and exercise for balance!

NoDo Donuts in the city and I loved the sound of the white chocolate raspberry ones but I couldn't have any because of the self-imposed junk food detox with my work team.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Love Well

I've rounded up photos of what I've been up to outside of my Melbourne holiday and bundled them into a neat little post. Still lots of food, and scenic views, and pretty things. I'm making a shift to exercise more (still struggling through the Bikini Body Guide and running and trying to make it to Pilates classes at the work gym) and eat a bit healthier but I love food and sweets so much that the healthy lifestyle is a hard choice to make.

Lunch at St Coco - repeat visits ordering very similar things. The beef brisket burger, the hibiscus poached pear waffle, the reef fish and the bondi bowl were all really good.