Monday, April 23, 2012


So since I last blogged, which I believe was QUITE a while ago, a considerable amount has been accomplished.
I have:

  • travelled to Singapore and stayed there for 4 weeks
  • travelled to China and stayed there for 2 weeks
  • mastered the public transport system in Singapore (mostly by ringing my aunt and asking her where to go)
  • commenced tertiary studies at the University of Queensland
  • turned 18. ^_^
So the Singapore-China trip was incredible and I've uploaded an album onto facey for the Singapore leg of the trip but China photos was stolen on the streets of Changzhou along with my Canon Powershot A720 *cries* It happened on the last day of our trip! Pickpocketed when we were being rebel and adventurous and venturing out of the hotel during free time. I still mourn the camera and photos. I can remember lots of the photos as visualisations in my head, which makes it all the more frustrating when I say "I REMEMBER THAT PHOTO" and I don't possess a copy of it.

We befriended lots of people from lots of places. Particularly Mauritius *shoutout to Mauritians*. A few Sydney kids and a couple of Myanmar peoples too. But the Mauritians... do they know how to party or what? They would stay up til 3-4 am while the rest of us would conk out before midnight. On the last night we  signed each others' group jackets (yay for duck yellow material and sharpies stolen from China camp banner-signing) and amused ourselves until 3am, at which time we realised that if we went to bed we might miss wakeup call and thus miss the bus to the airport in another city. So we decided to pull an all-nighter, which was tougher than expected. But we managed to wakeup at 5am to pack our bags and head down for breakfast. Amazingly some dear Mauritian friends woke up to send us off. The planes to Mauritius are fortnightly so they were sticking around for an additional day before their flight home.

Turning 18 was fun. I had a little birthday shindig the day after my birthday and celebrated with people I love. *happies* They brought me gifts of perfume. That was the predominant star of my birthday gifts. So if people ask me "what did you get for your birthday?" I would have to respond with "earrings from my parents and lots of perfume". I received 3 different kinds of perfume but my favourite would have to be Fancy Love from S and A because it smells like vanilla and flowers. *giggles* I also received a novelty Penguin Classics mug of Jane Eyre, which I haven't read, which is kinda motivation to read it now, Body Shop body butter, couple jewellery, which A said was to remind me that I am foreveralone, a lipstick box/holder thingy and a Country Road bag. It's a design I haven't seen before- grey felt with black, white and light brown handles. I was very tempted to change the colour but decided to stick with it, as its rarity-on-the-streets means that I can identify easier. And it's very neutral so it wouldn't clash with a lot of outfits like bold colours might. And I can travel with it and spot it easily, ie aforementioned identification purposes.
I opened my presents with A and she was exclaiming after all the perfume and body butter "you're going to smell so nice now! you better walk around smelling nice after all this perfume and body butter! you have no excuse!" And she's right. I don't have an excuse.

Well. I have a 4000word essay due in 2 weeks. So I'm off to start researching for that.
ciao! a presto!