Tuesday, October 30, 2012

High Hopes

I'm a big fan of powder foundation- it was the first base product I ever used (for semi and formal, oh how times have changed!) and I thought it was so easy to use and I liked how it looked. So now that I needed a new one with the warmer weather rolling in, I decided to take the plunge and splurged on the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. I was first notified of this product's existence by Essiebutton and ViviannaDoesMakeup and although I had never been inclined towards mineral makeup in the past, this was something special and I wanted it for ages but didn't buy it because I didn't need it, it cost too much, and I had enough base products. I kept seeing it on blogs and videos and last Saturday, I'd had a hectic shift at work and when I got home I watched this video by Barbara from ThePersianbabe and just decided to treat myself so I ordered it. :) Placing the order was something I'd deliberated over for months! Crossing it off my wishlist was very satisfying. I find the wishlist to be useful in helping me- not control my spending per se, but having a few high end products on my wishlist helps me have goals to save towards rather than spending that same money on a whole box of cheap 'drugstore' products that I'll probably regret buying. I got it from StrawberryNet, and at the time there was a free cosmetic bag promotion with every purchase over $25 so that was a nice bonus. I wanted NARS Luster and Deep Throat blushes too but I've already got too many blushes as it is so thus refrained and removed them from the cart. I've had good shopping experiences with StrawberryNet in the past, and this was no exception- it arrived in five days in perfect condition.

I really like the Laura Mercier colour scheme- I think the glossy brown is much classier than the silver of the old packaging. The packaging itself is nothing special, just a sifter jar with a swivel-top closure so that when you take it travelling it doesn't pour out into the lid. It comprises of 9.6g of product. I was tossing up between the shades Real Sand and Natural Beige, but decided on Real Sand (Warm Beige Ivory for Fair to Light Skin Tones) after some help from bloggers ;). Tiffany said it matched her NC25 skintone perfectly, so that sealed the deal. Now I'm not entirely sure it was the wisest shade choice because the ideal season for powder foundation is summer (though I'd happily wear it year-round), and typically summer means tanned. I'm not sure I darken that much because of summer, because Brisbane's sunny all year round, but I know I went down about half a shade recently so Real Sand matches my face, but not my shoulders and arms. I'm supposed to be saving, so it took me ages to cave and order this; I'm reluctant to part with the monies to buy the next shade down, which is Natural Beige. I guess I'll layer on the SPF, which I don't normally do, and try to pale down a bit rather than catching rays and getting darker. I'm still using my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation, which matches me a bit better, but I prefer to use that only where I need the coverage as opposed to the whole face because it can get so uncomfortable. I much prefer powder foundation for warmer days or good-skin days.

It's messy, but this was to show that you buy the container half-full.

The Real Techniques Buffing Brush is the best to swirl-tap-buff the powder onto the skin. I know Laura Mercier makes a brush for the powder but I'm not one to stray from Real Techniques. I'd say it gives medium coverage at best, but I find that's the most I need. I prefer to have more coverage on my forehead and cheeks, where I have hyper-pigmentation from acne scars and redness, so I tend to build it up in those areas. It doesn't have a matte finish, because it's got pearl powder in it so that creates a really nice glow. I'll wear it out a bit and keep you updated on how it goes. But I definitely have high hopes for it. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soft and Gentle

I got MAC'd! I'm so excited to have this product in my possession! It's my first MAC product, and I'm very happy that it's one of their Mineralize Skinfinishes! Not only are MSFs unique to MAC, but this one in particular is so hyped up! Now, I didn't buy from MAC itself, I bought it from a blog sale for a fraction of the Australian RRP ($47, if you're wondering). I swatched it instore a few weeks ago and I remember thinking it wasn't as amazing as the hype said it would be. I've been wanting a powder highlighter for a while, and was debating whether I should get one of the Models Prefer ones, but when I saw Soft and Gentle on Jen's blog sale I scrambled to email her because I wanted to snag it before anybody else could. :)

The Mineralize Skinfinishes, these famous little domed pressed powders, are something unique to MAC, and they're described to be 'a luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish', so they're best used as highlighters or sometimes blushes, depending on the shade. Soft and Gentle is part of the permanent collection, but the limited edition MSFs are always eagerly snapped up by MAC addicts. Particularly popular ones I've heard of include Smooth Merge, Petticoat, Light Year and Stereo Rose. 
Soft and Gentle isn't a swirl of different pigments like some MSFs, rather a marble design of the one peachy champagne shade. MAC describes this as a 'gilded peach bronze'. I never took much notice of the 'bronze' element in the description but now that I own it and have had a good look at it, Soft and Gentle's a lot more bronze and less yellow than I previously perceived. I've read some people say that this has awful chunks of shimmer but I haven't seen anything like that yet- it's very finely milled and smooth, though I do agree that shimmer particles are visible. The pigmentation is incredible, which means that this is going to last me a long time. :D
The packaging is neat and basic, not glamorous or pretty. The matte black plastic casing is sturdy and the clear domed plastic window is a nice touch, as the product is easily identifiable. The closure makes a satisfying click when shut and closes securely. There's a small button to press to open the lid of the compact.

This receives high praise from a few of my favourite Youtubers and bloggers, so I'm glad I've got it for my own. I'm definitely more impressed than I was when swatching at MAC, probably because the atmosphere at MAC isn't exactly warm and excitable. I don't find MAC a thrilling place to shop, as the SAs aren't welcoming and bubbly like other brands' SAs and the displays are difficult to browse as the products are set up in a way that the names of shades are hidden. But now that I own this MAC product, I can see why people will go to MAC despite the iciness of the SAs and the inconvenient product displays, because out of the sea of products there, some are worth the hype. 
On a side note, MAC in Australia is ridiculously overpriced. I hear UK and US Youtubers complaining about the rise in prices but MAC in Australia just isn't worth paying for. The eyeshadows in particular, are overrated, especially when other brands are comparable for much less. The only thing I'm watching out for at MAC are the Viva Glam lipsticks, ie Viva Glam V, as the proceeds from the Viva Glam range go to the MAC Aids fund. 
Are you new to MAC like I am? Is there anything else I should be looking into that's worth the hype?

Take care and God bless! xx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Favourites

I adore this time of year. The jacarandas are in bloom, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous (sunny, breezy, perfect-temperature days) and exams are creeping up on me! As nervous as I am about being under-prepared, I can't wait to get them over and done with. I finish on the 14th and I'm so excited about the holidays! October was quite fun and varied product-wise, as I had fun switching things up and using different bits. Except base, that is. Base has been the usual, boring culprits: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 53 Beige Clair of course, the Laura Mercier Undercover on spots and dark circles and the Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder. Moving on, because other products are much more exciting, non?

Bourjois Pot Rouge in Rose D'Or
I have grown to love this shade! It's such a pretty pink with gold shimmer. I wish it was a tad more pigmented, but its mediocre pigmentation has its merits- it's difficult to overdo.

CoverGirl Liquiline Blast in Brown Blaze

Dabbling in eyeliner. Uncharacteristic, I know. I heard lots of good things about these pencil liners and now that I've tried it a few times, I don't know why people complain about the pencil being difficult to sharpen. It sharpens fine. :) I think these Liquiline pencil liners are the closest I'll get to the Milani Liquif'EYE metallic eyeliners and the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils- they're so creamy and pigmented, and best of all, they're readily available in Australia. I wore it on the upper waterline and it smudged the bottom lashline like crazy but I wore it on the upper lashline and it was fine. This brown is more of a brown-black though- it's not chocolate brown like other brown liners I've tried.

CoverGirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara

Full 'N Soft Waterproof has been smudging on me (maybe its time has come? It's a couple of months old...) so I started using this instead and I like it. It's a little more volumising, and although I don't like plastic brushes this doesn't clump so I don't mind it.

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

Love this colour. Some days, depending on the blush I'm wearing, I prefer a warmer lip colour so this is perfect. :)

Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy

I like wearing this when I'm just wearing blush. I think it's too blue-based to wear with bronzer on.

Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil in In The Flesh

This gloss is so lovely and hydrating and smells like watermelon candy. It's sheer but I really like the colour.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum
I've loved using this product and I've almost finished the sample. I'm seriously considering buying the full size- okay the smaller full-size- because it's refined my skin and the texture is noticeably different. My t-zone, which gets oily exceptionally quickly, has been better too- I find I don't have to powder as much or as often because my sebaceous glands aren't going crazy. 

Origins Super Spot Remover

Along with drinking about three bottles of water a day because it's been so hot, and sleeping before midnight, I have this to thank for helping my skin out after a mild reaction to experimenting with a new cleanser. I'm not going near that again, and I'm back to using the Dove Cleanser and Toner in One quite happily. Interestingly, Origins doesn't rate very highly on Beautypedia's list as its products contain too many fragrant oils that irritate the skin, so I've become a little hesitant about jumping in headfirst into the Origins pool.

Stella by Stella McCartney EDP

Adore this purple ombre bottle of rosy goodness.

Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush

I love this brush- it's so soft, the perfect density and blends so well. I didn't touch this brush for a long while, don't know why, but starting using it for blush after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it in this video. I fell in love with the original look that Lisa blogged about doing: Keira Knightley's makeup for the premiere of Anna Karenina.

N.P.P.E. RD Protein Cream
I've been running a dab of this leave-in conditioner/heat protectant through my hair every few days. I've never done more to my hair than the occasional blow-dry but the hairdresser suggested this because the ends of my hair were so neglected and the protein cream supposedly prevents and repairs any heat/air-con damage, and makes my hair soft and sleek, and the scent reminds me of the salon in Singapore that we went to (The Hair Stylist in Bedok). Memories!

Barbara from ThePersianbabe

I've really liked watching her videos this month. Especially this one. :)

I'm posting this early so that I can prep myself for SWOTVAC and not think about blogging for a while. Just concentrating on exams, in theory anyway. Hopefully next month I'll have some new beauty bits to post about- I'm so excited for those! And that's all I'll say for now! Take care and God bless! xx

Friday, October 19, 2012

Origins Super Spot Remover

I'll be honest- I've tried a few spot treatments but this is the best. A few people have said there's no difference between higher end and lower end spot treatments, oh but there is. I heard many, many good things about this, especially from Anna, Estee and Zoe so when I ran out of my previous spot gel I bit the bullet and bought my first Origins product.

The Origins Super Spot Remover costs $19 AUD from Kit Cosmetics, and the 10mL comes in a little squeezy plastic bottle. It's a bit more than what I would usually fork out for spot treatments, but after trying it out, I think it just might be worth the extra money.

Origins say:
Cleanse skin. Apply a thin layer 1 to 3 times daily or as needed. If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to every other day.
Formulated without: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, DEA, Synthetic Colour, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Ingredients
Origins tests its products on volunteer panels.

I'm glad it gives more information on application than most other brands. I was chatting to the SA at Kit, and I was tossing up between the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or this and she said this was an all-rounder while the Drying Lotion was targeted to whiteheads so I went with this instead. I mentioned I had been using a Clean & Clear spot treatment at the time and she gravely shook her head and said Clean & Clear was way too harsh. Naturally, she reassured me that Origins was amazing and had gotten their recipes right. She does her job well, I'd say.

I have oily-combination, acne-prone skin that pigments easily, e.g scars and moles. At 18, I'm not quite out of the teen acne stage so I've tried a few treatments. Mostly 'drugstore' ones- I've tried Clearasil, Lush Grease Lightning, Clean & Clear's Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel and now the Origins Super Spot Remover and I must say, the Origins rendition wins, hands down. It stings upon application to broken skin, which I quite like as it feels like it's working. It brought down inflammation and redness, and worked remarkably quickly- what would usually take around five days took three. As a more 'natural' alternative, Grease Lightning is a bit of a slow worker so after using the more astringent, harsh Super Spot Remover to do most of the work, I'll dab on a bit of Grease Lightning to help the healing process along. As always (the mantra) the best thing you can do for your skin is get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet, but I know that's easier said than done!

I'm definitely going to have a better look at Origins skincare- I like the look of the Vita-Zing SPF 15 sheer tint release moisturiser and the Drink Up Intensive Overnight hydrating mask. Anyhow, take care, have a great weekend, and God bless! xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Skincare Additions

I've had a pretty mundane skincare routine for the past six months, so I decided to shake it up a bit. Seeing as a I couldn't splash out on makeup (which was strangely relaxing, mostly) I decided to try some new skincare things. Because if you've got good skin, you don't need makeup... easier said than done, surely.

I don't think my skincare routine is exciting enough to post about separately so I'll write about it here. I use Dove's Cleanser and Toner in One morning and night, double cleansing if I'd bothered with makeup that day. To moisturise, Dove's Essential Nutrients Protective Day Cream SPF 15. I was using Aveeno's Daily Moisturising Lotion but I stopped because it contained Isopropyl Palmitate, which can cause acne. :S That's about it- I occasionally use Dove Essential Nutrients Alcohol Free Clarifying Toner but since the cleanser supposedly did some toning action, I found the additional toner left my skin dehydrated in winter so I don't use it much anymore. The routine's very Dove, I just noticed. Well, it works. :)

After using the new products for a couple of weeks, I'll say that Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum has done the most for my skin, refining its texture and making it noticeably less oily. After applying it the night before, when I wake up my skin looks even, especially where I usually have slight redness on my cheeks. The sample size is surprisingly decent- I've gotten about 10 uses and I'm about halfway through it.

I bought Origins Super Spot Remover more recently but I have high praise for it and I'll save that for a separate post. (Rather than packing one post with random chatter like I usually do :P) Sadly I don't think Avene Cleanance K cream-gel is working out too well- I broke out in odd places like between my brows and the dry patches on my cheeks. I read some people get what they call 'purging' stages using it but I don't see why it should cause that as an exfoliant. I didn't see any difference after using it for a week and I didn't expect to, but breaking out puts me off from persisting with it. I purchased Cleanance K hoping it would act in the same way Alpha-H Liquid Gold does as a chemical exfoliant because, like Liquid Gold, the active ingredient is glycolic acid but I think I should have bought the real deal to begin with. :( 

I'd like to buy a Clarisonic Mia but seeing as China holiday may be back on I'm saving up for that instead of saving for a pricey electric facial toothbrush. Definitely something for next year though. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

BYS Coral Blusher

Summer looms ahead (in all its humid, sweltering, mosquito/fly-ridden finery) and with it comes bright, warm colours. Having lived in Singapore, Thailand and Darwin for the majority of my life, I've had my fair share of heat and prefer to spend my summers elsewhere if possible. Unfortunately this summer I don't think I'll be jetting off to spend it in the wintry weather of the Northern Hemisphere so I'm going to try and see the silver lining in this and play with summer-suitable makeup instead. One product which is absolutely perfect for summer is BYS Coral. It's already received quite a bit of blogger screentime but here's my two cents.

BYS is a dodgy-looking cheaper-than-chips brand with a surprisingly wide variety of products. I suppose it's Australia's version of e.l.f in the US or Make Up Academy in the UK. I would never trust its face makeup for fear of having some sort of reaction to it but I heard good things about its blushers and bought a couple earlier this year. I've since tossed out Candyfloss because I never used it but every time I did a makeup clean out I kept Coral in my collection because I wanted to learn to make it work. I wore it a few times after I first bought it but grew to dislike how red it looked on the cheeks and how scarily pigmented it was (to the point of applying too much). Now that I own a fair few more blushes and some decent tools, I decided to revisit it because
(a) I liked how Coralista looked on me when the girl at Benefit taught me how to apply it, and seeing as I can't buy it (spending ban- boo...), Coral will suffice;
(b) it's a good spring/summer shade;
(c) I want to make use of more things in my existing collection. As always.
Note: Coral and Coralista different- Coral is an orange-red true coral while Coralista is more peachy-pink than coral.

BYS blushers are exceptionally cheap at $3.75 (sometimes more depending where you shop) and they do quite a few shades. The pigmentation of Coral is incredible, but this isn't consistent throughout the range so make sure you swatch before buying any. Coral appears almost neon sometimes. In the photo above it looks fluorescent orange-red. The powder itself is average quality. It's not exceptionally soft or silky. There isn't much fall-out, and though it's easy to blend, the crazy pigmentation requires a lot of blending. It's not shimmery, but there is a distinct sheen.

I find it way too pigmented to apply in the same way I use Bourjois or Essence blushes, so tapping the product onto your wrist or forearm when applying it helps to prevent overdoing it. I never bothered with this when using my other blushes but the MUA at Benefit did it with Coralista and reminded me that it's a vital step.

The packaging is a bit flimsy and cheap, but the fact that they designed the box as a puffy square shape is impressive (I don't have very high expectations of BYS). I like the clear plastic window because you can see the product but in the shop it distorts the colour so make sure you swatch first.

l-r: two swipes; two swipes blended out

BYS is available at Kmart and Cosmetics Plus in Brisbane. I'm not sure where else you can get it. It's definitely something to look into for the warmer months if this sort of shade floats your boat. :)

Take care, and God bless! xx

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shopping the Stash: Lip Gloss

I'm more of a lip balm girl than anything else when it comes to lip products. Sheer lipsticks like the Revlon Lip Butters come a close second, but lip glosses languish somewhere near the bottom of the list. I've been using my Korres and Revlon lip butters to death recently, so I think a run with glosses is due. Mind you, I only have three. When I said I don't like gloss, I meant it.

Essence Stay With Me gloss in Berry Me! (RRP $3.95)
Napoleon Perdis Luxe Lip Gloss in Perfect Peach (RRP $25)
Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil in In The Flesh (RRP $27)

Berry Me! is a blue-based raspberry colour which looks vampy and purple in the tube but looks quite nice on the lips- it's definitely something for the cooler months though, I can't imagine it looking quite right in hotter spring/summer months. It's the most opaque out of the three. Perfect Peach is exactly my kind of colour- a creamy peachy coral- and it's definitely the one I'd pick if I could only have one. It's got a tonne of gold and silver flakie-shaped sparkles but the colour is so pretty I can overlook those. I posted about it here when I bought it with a issue of Marie Claire. In The Flesh is a pale pink-nude which has a tinge of lilac when in the tube. It's got iridescent shimmer bits, but no glitter particles at all. I acquired this one in a promotion run by Toowong Village shopping centre and David Jones. I haven't yet ventured into nude lipsticks, so I find this looks a little unusual on me. In terms of texture, the Essence one is the stickiest. The other two aren't as sticky and are more hydrating, in my opinion. The Napoleon ones even succeed in being 'balmy' and comfortable. They're pretty nice to wear, but come one gust of wind, and I'll be sighing regretfully, hating on the gloss in an internal monologue and tying my hair back.

The Essence gloss has a cute foam hourglass-shaped applicator which makes for easy application. The Napoleon glosses have soft brushes, though the Luminous Lip Veil's applicator is smaller. You can really see the contrast in packaging- the Luminous Lip Veil looks so posh and luxe. Lovee. It looks similar to the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses, and I think Chanel's look similar too? Correct me if I'm wrong. 
The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter is on my wishlist because everybody loves it- I'm veering towards the peach one, but it costs something like $26 and I didn't pay more than $5 for any of the glosses above. :) So yeah... I'm keen for the Clarins gloss, but not that keen. :P

I'm determined to start using up some products- I've been in this rut for far too long! For starters, I even used primer today! Anyhow personal achievement aside, take care and God bless! xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Favourites

I don't have much in way of new and exciting favourites this time. I'm still very much in my rut. September was a muddle of a month, and I don't recall where half of it went. I'm inundated with assignments at the moment, which is why the post count is a bit bleh. Pshh spring break, more like study break. I can't wait til it's Christmas holidays. :D

I decided to forgo foundation for the majority of September, surprise surprise, but have come pretty close to cleaning out the pan of the old Mary Kay powder foundation. Must get around to finding a replacement.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
I tried going without powder for a few days, but I can't. Heh. This takes away the shine without looking cakey or dull.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll

I did wear my Bourjois blushes loads but I threw this into my makeup bag and have carried this around with me all month. A wise move, because the Bourjois blushes tend to disappear on me after about 4 hours and touching up with this is so simple: a soft rosy pink with a slight sheen which really complements the bronzer I've been wearing. I don't fear losing it if I'm careless because it's so cheap to replace. 

Bourjois Delice de Poudre 'Chocolate' Bronzer (forgot to photograph it, but featured in this post.)
After doing some demolition work on it, the pigmentation is finally at a stage where I can use this properly. I used the rounded handle of a glass nail file to scrape the top layer off and the pigmentation has never been better. I've been using this as a soft contour with the Ecotools blush brush, which I find works better than the Real Techniques Contour Brush which is quite harsh and requires more skill.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Understated, so pretty and basically foolproof even for my eyelids.

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
My menthol Baby Lips balm disappeared this month, somewhere in the depths of my bag, so I used this a lot more and every time I applied it the scent would make the experience that much more enjoyable. 

Revlon Lip Butters in Cotton Candy and Peach Parfait
I really like Cotton Candy but can only wear it if I sheer it out, but when I do wear it the gold sheen is so pretty. Peach Parfait's a no brainer- it's almost my ideal everyday lip colour.

Ecotools Blush Brush
I'm fairly sure this was my most-used brush during the month of September- for both bronzer and blush. An excellent brush, and worth much more than I paid for it, surely. :)

Clean and Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel
I wouldn't normally include a spot treatment in my favourites but this has earned its place. My skin's been rubbish for the past couple of weeks, and this was very well-loved during that period of time. I've used it up, and will definitely buy another, but for the moment I'm determined to get some use out of Lush Grease Lightning. 

Stella by Stella McCartney EDP (also forgot to include this in the photo, but featured in this post.)
I've worn this almost everyday since getting it. I did try to switch it up with Estee Lauder Beautiful but I don't like it anywhere near as much as Stella when it's on the skin- Beautiful turns a bit sickly on me so I don't think I'll be going near it for a long while. I've become a firm believer in perfume after a particularly productive feel-good day when I wore this and remained in a really good frame of mind for just about the whole day and basically completed a few weeks' work in an assignment in one afternoon. To me, that's pretty amazing. :)

So those are my September Favourites! Now I've got to get back to schoolwork!
Take care and God bless! xx

September 2012

I realise that on the blog I've neglected to talk about anything other than makeup and skincare, so I thought I'd incorporate another interest of mine into a post: FOOD. I went out a couple of times during September (what a thrill-seeker, hey?) and I'm the type of weirdo who likes to take photos of their food, so here are a couple of shots. I wasn't exactly preparing to use the photos for anything, so the photos are sub-par in terms of composition/quality, and I used my phone and not the Canon because the Canon we got is somewhere between a standard point-and-shoot and a DSLR so it's bulky and I don't take it anywhere.


Chocolateria San Churro
San Churro came to Brisbane earlier this year, and it was a welcome addition to the Grey St foodie precinct at Southbank, especially for those who were tiring of Max Brenner's offerings. I've been there twice, and so far we've tried the Fondue for Two, Strawberry Bizcocho and Choc Banana Sundae, as well as the Crema de Fresa and the Choc Hazelnut drinks. I must say the first time we went, we were overambitious and couldn't finish half the food we ordered. It was pathetic. The second time was slightly better as we finished the desserts but we couldn't finish the drinks. I've ordered the Crema de Fresa (strawberry and white chocolate drink) both times- I rate it highly. The Choc Hazelnut drink was a bit too much. I don't recommend the Choc Banana Sundae, but the Strawberry Bizcocho is definitely worth it. It's not too expensive- it's around average Southbank prices. Overall the experiences have been good, but the service is still shaky. Also, when I went it wasn't crowded at all so it's not raging loud like it is at Max Brenner.

I tagged along with my brother for lunch with friends after church and we went to this little Japanese restaurant in suburban Sunnybank. I ordered the tonkatsu meal with rice. Everything was good apart from the rice so I gave up on that and had some of my brother's udon instead. Decent, and not expensive. I like 7-8. 

The juice bar in Myer Centre food court that's the first thing you see when you walk in from Queen St Mall
I decided to go the city in a break between classes and tried the mango and original mixed 'Italian frozen yogurt'. I'm dubious about how Italian it is, but it was so good, and so cheap, and I've bought it every time I've been in the city since, because it's just like the Yoguru that my sister and I were crazy about during our stay in Singapore.

I'm in over my head with schoolwork. Sigh. Must stop putting it off and pretending the assignments don't exist.