Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Long, Farewell

Hi guys, this is an announcement post of sorts, to tell you that I'm deleting the blog. It's been a good 10 months, but its time has come and I'm going to focus my attention on life, and studies and I thought I'd best pop a post up to say goodbye because I want to thank all the makeup/skincare-loving readers that have ever peeked into my little slice of cyberspace. It's been really fun and it's pretty unbelievable that you guys have stuck with me through the awful photography, misinformed reviews (looking back at some of the old posts I can't believe I was so misled) and my uncertainty of how justified my reviews were to the extent that I refused to acknowledge them as reviews, instead choosing to refer to them as posts. 

Rest assured, my makeup collection is ever-thriving (first Essie polish! Absolutely Shore, for anyone who wants to know), slowly but surely as I try to use things up (speaking of which, hitting pan on things is so much more satisfying than I thought it'd be!) to get it down to a level that's considered 'normal'. I had a little reality check and realised having 11+ blushes isn't normal and I really shouldn't buy any more. I'll delete the blog in a couple of days, leaving some time for you guys to catch a glimpse of this post so you know what's going on. Love you guys, and thank you so much! All the best! xx 

PS: I'll still be reading your blogs! :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Korean Beauty Haul

I ordered a few Korean beauty bits from eBay (link to seller here) and they arrived today, safe and sound, so I thought I'd share since Korean makeup isn't the easiest to come by. I know Lioele has its own Australian website but everything I wanted was out of stock and it worked out cheaper getting it from Korea directly.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Most Worn Things | Summer

I haven't used any new or interesting products this past month, so I thought I'd do this tag instead of a Monthly Favourites post.