Monday, March 30, 2015

Double Dare

I haven't tried Guess fragrances before but I quite like this one. It's quite similar to Versace Bright Crystal, which is my standard spring fragrance. Guess Dare Limited Edition is a very youthful fruity floral that would be perfect if you love sweet fruity floral scents- the lychee note hits you first, followed by what I perceive to be jasmine, followed by sweet musk candy. When I had my first whiff of it I thought my 17 year old sister would absolutely love it, and she did.

Friday, March 27, 2015

February + March Favourites

I didn't upload a monthly favourites post at the end of February because I didn't have a lot of products that I'd loved. This month I found a face base combo which I thought was simply marvellous, a Korean alternative to a skincare staple and received a lovely gift from a friend. New deodorant is also in the mix, and with the summer heat still going strong I'm disappointed to say that Brisbane seemingly hasn't gotten the memo about the seasons changing.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Birthday Wishlist

I turn 21 in less than a month and it's an exciting yet daunting process of debating with myself whether or not, and how, to celebrate. Dinners, bars, parties; intimate gathering or big party; crisscrossing sets of friends, or doing separate shindigs with separate groups of friends? The thing about birthdays in general is that I love planning- food, drinks, venue and presents. I am a present-person, and proud. Oddly enough I find I usually forget that I get to receive presents at my birthday (this is excepting my boyfriend, who gets plenty of hints throughout the year) so this year I thought I'd compile a wishlist- more for myself to document and save towards than for friends who read my blog, because as far as I know, very few friends read it. Going around the board from the top left:

01 Mimco Pouch 'Supernatural'
I've browsed many a time and I've never found a 'mouch' that I've really loved, until I saw this one on their website. I'm anticipating the Mimcollective birthday reward in the hope of using it to make this mine.

02  kikki.k homewares
I love kikki.k's stationery and style, and when they brought out a homeware line I was so excited. I look at the current collections whenever I'm in store but can never seem to settle on anything to take home with me. Their range isn't the cheapest, but when you find something that just clicks, you can't let it go! That day will come...

03 Canon EOS M
A DSLR is the crown jewel of a budding photographer or blogger's possessions and I would love to invest in a nice solid Canon EOS -something- one day. At the moment, I like the look of the M for its compact size. Lenses are sold separately to the M's body at most retailers so I have a feeling that it'll work out burning a hole in my pocket but having the flexibility and capabilities of a fully manual camera is my ultimate goal someday. I love the depth of field that an SLR's capabilities lend and the way playing with the settings can translate into a completely different mood and environment on (digital) film.

04 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
I have wanted this for too long. Excellent coverage and staying power, by one of the best beauty brands, and not horrendously marked up on Australian shores? Yes please!

05 Portmans dress
I love weddings. I do not, however, love having to find something appropriate to wear to attend said weddings. I think Portmans have some lovely styles and while I shy away from them because of the excessive price tags, I think this is a gorgeous dress that could be worth the investment. Hey, it ain't white, it ain't black and it ain't poofy.

06 Maroon 5 'V' 2015 Tour
I love Maroon 5. Nothing Lasts Forever really got me hooked and since then I've loved Won't Go Home Without YouNever Gonna Leave This BedIf I Never See Your Face Again and now Maps, Sugar, In Your Pocket and Leaving California. I'm already going to see Taylor Swift's 1989 concert in December, which is an extraordinary treat, so I really don't NEED to see Maroon 5. I popped my concert cherry with the Paper Kites last year and I'm super keen for 1989.

07 Michael Kors Selma bag
This is 100% a copycat move, poached off Lena, who seems to invest in the nicest bags- she introduced to me the Mulberry Alexa which has been my goal bag ever since, and when she posted about her navy Selma I fell in love. So chic, yet roomy, and the textured, structured style is so clean-cut. In reality I think I'll most likely settle for a Mulberry Alexa replica until I graduate and start full-time work.

08 Magnetic chalkboard
This is something completely attainable, as it's just over $10 from Officeworks. I've been loving the look of chalk markers after I purchased one to use to write myself to-do lists on my mirror. The novelty of having it on my mirror wore off after it started to hinder me actually using my mirror for mirroring purposes so I had a quick look around and this came up. It's small but I think it'll suit my to-do listing needs quite nicely.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Golden Hour

Firstly, please do go watch the movie Kingsman. It's a great movie. As is Paper Planes, for you Aussies. (Dylan! DYLAN!) The next one on my list is Chappie. Secondly, I'm sorry for not posting much. I've got a favourites post on the way, and possibly an everyday makeup routine post as well, because I've found some awesome combinations. Thirdly, I've learnt that faux leather shorts are extremely cumbersome in the ventilation department. Steer clear. Fresh start at University- and don't we all love a chance to start over; a new time to shine?

My first purchase from H&M on home soil: a jumper that says my name and my year of birth AND has a pretty perfume bottle in silver sequins. 

Love Koko Black. I've been back for the Belgian Spoil (a sort of tasting plate that had a serve of chocolate ice-cream, chocolate mousse, their Chocolate Alchemy Cake, their version of the Arnotts Royal and 2 chocolates), which I didn't take any photos of because they took forever to take our order and I was fed up with waiting so I just tucked in when it arrived, and this salted caramel iced chocolate, which was the bomb diggity. Both the Belgian Spoil and this iced chocolate had a scoop of awesome chocolate ice-cream, and the chocolate mousse on the menu is pretty amazing too.

Love/hate being back at Uni. Mostly hate. 3-month-long summer holidays were pretty sweet. But I have a gorgeous campus to roam, which is a silver lining, I suppose.