Saturday, January 30, 2016

Summer Daze

Long time no blog! I hope all the Aussies had a great Australia Day holiday- I spent it at a The Hobbit movie marathon at a friend's place and I'm currently recovering from wisdom teeth surgery - I got all 4 out because they were all erupting and starting to grow in the way of my other teeth. Chipmunk cheeks and a liquid/soft food diet isn't fun but I'm appreciating the time off because it means I can get some stuff done that I don't normally have time for during the workweek, like blogging!

Another exciting purchase is the new Inspiration/Be Brave/ Hello Yellow-themed Paper Lover's Book from kikki.K! I was contemplating a Dashboard Kit or some fun pack to decorate my planner with, but when I saw this I knew I had to get it because I use the Mountains-themed Paper Lover's Book that I got for my birthday in 2015 all the time and it's very well-loved. I like using the cards and postcards and stickers that come in the Paper Lover's Book. At $30 it's not expensive but it's not cheap either- I find I get a lot of use out of them so I'm very happy with it!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Move Over 2015

2015 was a great year, but it's time for 2016! I'm sorry I didn't manage to finish my 12 Days of Christmas because posting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a bit difficult. I rang in the new year with a tame gathering at a friend's place and sparklers that managed to burn a hole in the sofa...

Kicking off 2016 with a drive down to Burleigh Heads, a lot of congested traffic on the motorway and a gorgeous windy day at the beach.