Saturday, May 20, 2017

Always a Good Time

If you live in Brisbane, aren't you just loving this cool, sunny weather?! We have great weather most of the time, except flood season, and these sunny days are my favourite. Since my last post, I've just been working, getting back into reading, sorting out expired makeup which would add up to a painstaking amount of my University student job earnings and trying not to get so wound up about problems I can't fix. This is a personal catch-up post which is heavy on the food. Enjoy!

Paid a visit to Morning After in West End, which I'd heard about a fair few times but hadn't ventured out to because I usually avoid weekend brunch rush at pricey places. I had a day off and decided to have a wander around town. I brought a book to read, I put on extra sunscreen, and I set off for the day.