Saturday, July 15, 2017

Love Well

I've rounded up photos of what I've been up to outside of my Melbourne holiday and bundled them into a neat little post. Still lots of food, and scenic views, and pretty things. I'm making a shift to exercise more (still struggling through the Bikini Body Guide and running and trying to make it to Pilates classes at the work gym) and eat a bit healthier but I love food and sweets so much that the healthy lifestyle is a hard choice to make.

Lunch at St Coco - repeat visits ordering very similar things. The beef brisket burger, the hibiscus poached pear waffle, the reef fish and the bondi bowl were all really good.

I went to St Coco with my mum and sister on a day off and we went to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre afterwards and saw this cutie.

Hauling water bottles, books and stickers at Daisy Hill Koorong. They stock colorful stainless steel flask water bottles (link here!) with typography from Koorong that are so pretty and functional, which make them amazing gifts.

Got some dainty Samantha Wills cuff earrings in the sale. I really wanted something rose gold but found that this style looks better in yellow gold with the colourless crystals because these look a bit like millipedes.

Wrapping presents for friends with kikki.K Paper Lover's Books.

Went to the Whisk and found they now do ham and cheese croissants with wholegrain mustard, and tried the chocolate almond croissant and both were amazing. I adore their food, but don't rate their coffee.

In fact, they were so amazing that my boyfriend's family returned a couple of weeks later and he got me some because I couldn't make it.

Found a new cafe on George Street called Frankie and George and liked it so much I went back for coffee everyday that week, and brought my sister along one of those days. 

The granola was meant to have seasonal fruit but didn't come with it, and the blueberry danish I got wasn't amazing - they didn't heat it up and the food wasn't cheap. I do like the coffee and the space, but they have room to improve when it comes to food.

Was so excited to visit the Love Well Project at the Mount Gravatt Lookout because I'd heard about this social enterprise cafe for over a year now. The Hope Foundation started up this cafe project to help vulnerable women get back on their feet by learning skills in the cafe. Additionally I was also pleasantly surprised that there was more of a view at the top of Mount Gravatt than I'd expected.

Had a build-your-own breakkie with mushrooms, bacon and roasted tomato and a big breakkie pie from Piefection. That tomato relish was so good!

It was a gorgeous day, typical of a Brisbane winter and we got a table on the balcony which made for a beautiful start to a Saturday. Don't forget to bring sunglasses!

A family friend dropped in to visit my mum and brought us these little cakes from Madders Brothers pastry shop in Jamboree Heights. They sell 9 cakes for $26 and although undeniably pricey, the amount of effort, time and workmanship that goes into these cakes is worth it.

Been seeing HRVST ST cold pressed juices everywhere for ages but the price always put me off. They used to be packaged in glass jars and sold for ~$9 but now they've repackaged to plastic bottles, which isn't good I know (#waronwaste) but they're more affordable at $6.50 so I finally tried one at John Mills Himself! It was good but not $6.50 good.

Went to eat Korean black bean noodles and dumplings at Mien in Runcorn. I really like their version and the dumplings were good too. Definitely coming back for this, and maybe to try the seafood noodles too!

Bought these two products from The Ordinary in early June when a sales rep was in Myer promoting them. He recommended these two products for my hyperpigmentation and acne scarring and I've been using them alternate nights and I've seen some improvement which is promising. I'd been on the lookout for a retinoid for a while and the fact that this line is so affordable is great.

Ordered the Go-To and Bro-To Properly Clean! I've finished their Face Hero oil blend and I still have their Very Useful Face Cream which I use off and on. I'm currently just using the Go-To one and it smells like Froot Loops and cleanses very well without being drying, or breaking me out. My boyfriend would use the Bro-To but he's pretty happy with the Biore Pore Detoxifying Foam Cleanser so I might just use it too, because I find it hilarious.

Sweet handwritten note from Beautylish.

I'm very late to the Becca highlighter party, but I finally got this Glow on the Go little kit I've been eyeing up for ages (in Opal, because Moonstsone was sold out!), and the It Cosmetics My Skin But Better CC+ Cream from Beautylish. I'm so excited to wear it as my base everyday because of its skincare benefits. I emailed Beautylish a bit worried that the shade wouldn't match me when it came, and I had no way to shade match before I bought it, and they were so lovely and offered to exchange it when it came and I have given it a test! I ordered the shade Light but I thought Medium would match me better. I've been very vigilant with sunscreen as of late.

We went to see the Marvel exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art and it was pretty good. I don't know if it's worth the $25 pp but it was very cool. The Asgardian throne room was awesome.

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