Sunday, September 24, 2017

Coffee for Breakfast

Back at it with another (chiefly food) post! It's been a while but I've got a nice long post - maybe grab a snack, or you'll want a snack by the end of the post. I undertook a month of a detox for no junk food during the workweek with my team at work and my skin's improved, my mood's improved and I think I'll try to maintain less processed foods and go running 3 times a week because I totally fell off the wagon that I was barely on. I love my food but I also need to moderate, and exercise for balance!

NoDo Donuts in the city and I loved the sound of the white chocolate raspberry ones but I couldn't have any because of the self-imposed junk food detox with my work team.

I couldn't buy a donut for myself so I got one for Peter instead! He did like it but it's more like almond meal cake than a donut. And I went to Dello Mano and got him a classic brownie so he could try it.

Taro's Ramen for lunch which was creamy?! I think they reformulated their tonkotsu ramen because it definitely wasn't like this the last couple of times we've eaten there! It was still good though.

We tried Brisbane's Best Chicken Parma and it was glorious. The corn and the chips were amazing sides to accompany the cheesy, hammy crumbed chicken at the Brisbane Brewing Co in West End.

Visited the Night Noodle Markets on the opening night to avoid the crowds! Black Star's Strawberry Watermelon Cake - it was amazing as always. They ran out of the raspberry lychee cake after just a few customers so we didn't get to try it but we didn't mind.

Gelato Messina's mango white chocolate creation - I couldn't decide between the pavlova one and this one. We also had yakisoba and char kway teow but they weren't amazing.

The Baker's Arms with my fam. Love their cabinet offerings!

Moroccan Lamb Pie and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Pie.

Went on a walk from the Gabba to Kangaroo Point on a day off.

Love this city.

Had breakfast with Daphne before church at Apples on Ainsworth!

Accidentally over-ordered at IKEA - swap your mash out for hot chips! 

Another meal at Mien - black bean noodle is always good even if it does contain a whole brown onion in the bowl, and the crab spicy seafood noodle soup was interesting but probably a little bit too messy to handle.

Our new favourite Malaysian restaurant - Roti Place in the city! The food is always pretty good and the roti canai is probably the best I've tried in Brisbane!

Pretty views on the way to Maudsland.

Awesome sourdough toasties and good coffee at Shawty's Espresso.

Visited the Museum of Brisbane at City Hall on the weekend for a nice free activity - we'd dropped by as part of a City Centre Heritage Tour with work and I wanted to come back and spend some more time there. Well worth a visit if you haven't been to City Hall before!

Rainbow of bottles at Greenglass while waiting for my coffee.

Visited Day Made in Woolloongabba.

Good coffee from Day Made - nice to see them after Cup in West End closed. We had our first date at Cup!

For Peter's birthday we visited the Morrison Hotel to try the steaks which they claim to be the best in Brisbane. It was okay- the mushroom sauce and the fries were the highlights. Parking was also quite difficult so we'll be trying elsewhere.

We did go for lunch at Wintergarden to take advantage of their 'spend $15 on food at lunchtime and get a free Strawberries and Cream brownie from I Heart Brownies'.

Omelettes and French toast at Corner Cafe before church one morning with Mum and Daphne.

Bought Pepe Saya butter from The Cheese Pleaser only to discover the 'best before' date was just 2 days after I bought it, so Peter made a tart shell with it. We made a strawberry almond tart and it was well-received but not quite like The Whisk's strawberry almond tart.

Etsu Izakaya on our mini family staycation. I liked the sushi rolls and the tempura zucchini flowers. 

The view out of our balcony at Surfers Paradise.

Daphne's been raving about Cardamom Pod at Brickworks so we finally went and this Noni Yogi bowl was actually so good. That kale fritter was the standout but everything on the plate was flavoursome, nicely spiced and worked well together

Prettily plated and really delicious porcini arancini with carrots and zucchini.

Accidentally ordered a smoothie bowl instead of an acai bowl so this PB&J smoothie bowl and the sweet potato fries weren't anything to write home about (that raw peanut butter cup was good though!) but apparently the Pod acai bowl is the bomb. 

Ended my staycation with dinner at Alfresco, which we've been longtime faithfuls of- I recall having my first lasagne memory here! I like their pastas a lot better than their pizzas. We also tried their camembert stuffed mushrooms which were good but absolutely not worth the money, and the Moreton Bay Bugs in garlic napoli sauce on rice, which were interesting for a change.

Passiontree egg waffle sundaes on a buy one get one free offer! This is the matcha red bean one.

And my campfire Oreo egg waffle. They're quite the head-turner but I wouldn't recommend - the staff were not very friendly and the soft-serve was more icy than creamy. It melted quite fast and caused the egg waffle to get very soggy which meant half the waffle was just soaked in melted soft-serve.

Doughnut Fridays at John Mills Himself and I couldn't even get one because we were doing a detox with work and I was giving up junk food, which was basically chocolate, donuts, chips, cookies and sweets...

Daffodils on Daffodil Day for the Cancer Council.

We were looking for a coffee place to try and Wake Me Up in Slacks Creek was well-rated on BeanHunter. It was alright but a bit too far to regularly visit.

Thanks for making it to the end of this post! Hope you enjoyed!

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