Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Instant Glow

Charlotte Tilbury - what a rockstar. I first heard of her when Lena mentioned her, and started seeing her name dropped in Youtube videos exponentially. Her makeup artistry is amazing in its own right, and the reputation of her product line has quickly followed suit. I was tempted by the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, and the eyeshadow quads but held off because I didn't feel like I could spend that much money on a product I would only use on occasion. When I saw this palette in one of Zoe's videos my interest was piqued and soon enough I got my paws on one!

I bought the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette 5 Minute Face on the Go in Seductive Beauty from the CT Australia website on sale (it was also the only shade of these palettes which was on sale). I believe it was about 30% off so it came to about $70 + postage but come on, it's gorgeous. I even watched Charlotte's makeup tutorial video about it to determine whether this was the shade I wanted because I'd seen the Natural Beauty palette and thought that was more up my street. I was wrong - the eye shades in this (the element I was the most anxious about because they looked very cool-toned) are gorgeous, and the cheek shades are my favourite out of the three shades that this palette comes in.

Apologies for its dusty state - I didn't take photos before I started using it and I haven't put it down since! It has replaced all the cheek products in my everyday makeup bag.

1. Eye Brighten: shimmery cool champagne
2. Eye Enhance: shimmery taupe
2. Eye Smoke: shimmery cocoa brown
4. Face Bronze: medium brown with a satin finish
5. Cheek Swish: sheer neutral pink with a satin finish
6. Cheek Pop: warm coral pink with a satin finish
7. Face Highlight: shimmery pale gold with a hint of pink

I've worn the eye shades much less frequently than the rest of the palette, but I still appreciate the look they can create. The taupe looked silvery in the pan but looks warmer on the skin which is such a relief for someone like me who doesn't like silver-toned shades on the eyes.

The cheek shades together really are all you need- in fact, the palette as a whole is true to the 'instant look in a palette, 5 minute face on the go' claim. The cheeks channel the 'swish and pop' action of the CT Cheek Pop blushes, with the sheerer cheek shade and the bolder accent colour for the apple of the cheek. The bronzer is the best kind of bronzer shade - not too warm, not cool to the point of being muddy, and not matte or dull, but not shimmery. The highlight is great - not 'kapow' shimmery the way that the Becca highlighters can be (I own Moonstone and can attest to the 'kapow' factor) but it's a high quality highlighter that does the job. I'd be interested to hear how this compares to the individual Filmstar Bronze and Glow.

All in all, I love this palette. It's the best foray into CT beauty products that I can see and the quality, the proportions of the pans and the shade selection is so worth it.

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