Saturday, June 16, 2018

Twenty Four

Here's a recap of some of the food consumed, purchases and happenings of the past few months, which have been full-on! My birthday came and went, and I felt so blessed celebrating with my friends and family. Since my last post, I've been busy with organising the wedding, we've been sorting out where we're going to live, and taking it as it comes, with delicious food and quality time with family and friends! Recently culled my makeup and discovered some new things and rediscovered some old things! Might post on that soon. Until then, it's food and good memories!

Bought my sister a The Horse watch from Ozsale with major discounts!

The 1.2 kg Wagyu Tomahawk steak at Cafe Les Amoureux was so incredibly good - I didn't believe our friends when they said that their favourite steak could be found in Sunnybank and not one of the upmarket steak restaurants, but this was seriously tender and flavourful.

Soul food at Creole Soul Kitchen in Spring Hill - I loved the waffle cut fries with garlic butter! Tried both types of gumbo - seafood, and chicken with andouille sausage, and the seafood was definitely more complex and flavourful!

Narati Malatang requested with minimum spice because I was so afraid of it being too hot for me to finish. It was actually quite nice.

Went on a family getaway to Noosa and celebrated my brother's birthday with dinner at a place called Thomas Corner. The food was good (my sister's mushroom risotto was amazing) and the service was even better.

Picked up cakes for my brother's birthday from Le Bon Delice, a French Patisserie at Peregian Beach and they were all amazing. Would highly recommend!

The whole family went on the walk around Noosa National Park to Hell's Gates and back. After the walk we had lunch at a place called Canteen where my veggie burger was probably the best meal of the lot.

Beautiful Noosa beach the following morning!

Got coffee from the Drop.

Gorgeous Montville views.

Pies from the Montville Bakery we always go to but I feel like the quality isn't as good anymore! Next time we'll try somewhere else for lunch.

Betty's Burgers at new-ish renovated Chermside- the burgers and fries were good but the Coke we got was so awful because they had clearly thinned down the syrup and it was a light brown colour instead of a regular Coke colour.

Gnocchi from the Cheese Pleaser on Adelaide Street in the city - the chef Sebastian had added marinated capscicum, artichokes and sundried tomatoes and it was so amazing. Unfortunately every other time I've been it hasn't come with the veg. The serve does come with a bit of baguette and cultured butter, which is delicious.

Breakfast dates with my sister - we went to Coffee Anthology and she got Vegetarian Toast and I got the sweet waffle breakfast that my dreams are made of.

Blueberry waffles, blueberry coulis, fresh strawberries and raspberries, white chocolate ganache, French vanilla icecream and pashmak (Persian fairy floss) I mean this is my sweet dreams on a plate.

Coffee Iconic croissant/toastie specials with my sister on another breakkie date.

Visited Botanica with work - it was an art festival that ran for a week in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games.

We returned at night with some of the team so that we could see the exhibits that were not visible during the daylight.

Chicken and waffles at Piggyback Cafe - I liked it a lot! Could have used a bit more sauce or maple syrup poured over the top but the chicken was well-fried and the waffles were not too sweet. The fried egg was a nice touch.

Had the Italian banquet at Tartufo Ristorante for my birthday with my family and Peter and my godsister! Asked if we could swap out the dessert on the banquet set menu for their famous honey vanilla pannacotta and they graciously agreed! The whole banquet had amazing flavours so it was all delicious but the pasta portions were a bit disappointing.

This year I almost ordered another Gelato Messina cake, but in the end I went for the Jupiter cake from Le Bon Choix! They changed the chocolate on the top - it used to be finished with metallic chocolate spheres and white chocolate discs, and I was so looking forward to that. Unfortunately when we picked it up it looked different and had a wavy chocolate sheet on top instead. It still tasted amazing - rich chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse and salted caramel pearls.

Visited OTTO for dinner for my birthday - had serious food envy when my blue swimmer crab ravioli with black garlic crema was not as good as Peter's lamb and roast potatoes. Everything was good but not as mind-blowing as our meal here last year.

My birthday present from Peter! It is so beautiful!

Went down the Coast to Bam Bam Bakehouse to try their pastries (their almond croissant is the best thing to take home and warm in the oven!) and stopped by Pacific Fair for lunch after the restaurant we wanted to go was fully booked and wouldn't take walk-ins. I loved this seared salmon avocado bowl from Motto Motto, and was so ravenously hungry that I over-ordered.

Ordered the jewellery for my bridesmaids from By Invite Only thanks to a recommendation from my godsister - I had been struggling to find jewellery to give them that was dainty and pretty but not extortionate in price. These gorgeous gold and freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet sets were exactly what I was looking for and so understated and pretty!

Adorable gold heart stickers for our wedding invitations from the Paper Empire in Melbourne! They've also opened a shop in New Farm in Brisbane that I've been meaning to visit.

Charboys with coworkers - Cheeseburger with added pickles and mozzarella sticks! It was well-appreciated by everybody who tried it! We'll probably return soon so that they can try the fried chicken burger too.

Nasi Lemak with friend chicken from Lemak in Garden City! Would recommend trying it out.

Toby turned 13! We have had him in our family for 10 years this year.

Had lunch at Viet Hut in Inala with Mum!

Mother's Day feasting. Speck and apple cider mussels, lamb cutlets, pate, garlic lemon green beans and there were roasted potatoes coming too.

Threw together a cheat's black forest cake for Mother's Day!

The cheat's black forest cake does not beat making my own chocolate sponge cake because the store-bought unfilled sponge didn't have the desired fluffy sponge texture or the rich chocolate flavour, but the Portokalopita (Greek orange syrup filo cake) that I bought from the Jan Powers Farmers Markets was so good, and went down so well with my family! I warmed it up and served it with whipped cream.

Frankie and George group coffee dates with my coworkers - the ham and cheese toastie at this cafe is unbelievable because the addition of caramelised onion relish just sweetens the deal. I don't know why I hadn't bought caramelised onion relish to do it myself earlier!

Cute photo op spot for the 'gram at Miss Kay's Springwood.

The Poutine burger at Miss Kay's Springwood! I really loved this- the gravy, melted cheese and fries in the burger added so much flavour and left the burger less dry than Peter's O.G. cheeseburger.

The cutest H&M tea towel and mirror for our new place! I also picked up a Toasted Vanilla reed diffuser from Kmart.

Celebrated a coworker becoming a father by putting together a baby gift hamper for him! This was such an adorable soft toy - under the bibs it's got a long neck so I thought it was an alpaca but others thought otherwise.

Picked up this adorable cat sushi card from MonsterThreads for my friend Sam!

Caught up with my high school form class girls for the first time in too long!

Had our menu tasting for the wedding and this was the best dish - scallops and chorizo with celeriac puree.

Grilled barramundi with a steamed wombok parcel filled with crab and prawn, topped with fried enoki mushrooms and beurre blanc.

Tried a new restaurant called Isles Lane Kitchen with my coworkers and had the roast beef lunch with haloumi instead of beef - it was so good! I loved the vegetables. The hummus wasn't the best though - I would get gravy next time!

Hojicha Snow White at Sinmei Tea in Paddington for a friend's bridal shower!

The cakes were amazing! We also had chicken dumplings in peanut chilli sauce, canape serves of green tea soba and seaweed rice balls but the Earl Grey Angel cake and the vertical Matcha Watermelon cake were definitely the standouts!

Had breakfast with my sister at Contessa on George Street! Such a nice relaxed West End vibe compared to the other cafes in the city. My favourites so far include Coffee Anthology, Frankie & George (coffee and that toastie), Greenglass, Pablo and Rusty, John Mills Himself (hot chocs and the Alphabet Cafe donuts on Fridays) Dough Vinci (coffee and cabinet food) Contessa (coffee) and Felix for Goodness (food and vibes).

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