Friday, April 22, 2016

Dancing Like We're 22

Birthdays were a big deal when I was growing up but presents weren't so to be receiving presents is quite a change indeed! On the 20th I turned 22, and it definitely equaled and possibly surpassed the celebrations when I turned 21! I spent the week flitting between work and play, and I was so blessed to have gifts and member rewards and well-wishes from so many loved ones.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I Don't Know About You

I haven't posted a photo update in a month so I gathered a few of them together so that I could get this post up before I write about my birthday festivities! I turn 22 on the 20th and because my family's all over the place we started celebrating on the weekend. Juggling study, work and life- the Easter break was a nice time to get away and we saw some beautiful scenic places and ate some great food. There are some good movies out too- I highly recommend Zootopia!

Motto Motto soft-serves are so good! This is matcha-vanilla marble. The last time we got these we got stopped by 3 different people asking where we bought our ice-creams from because there isn't anywhere else in the Garden City dining precinct to get ice-creams.

Monday, April 4, 2016

March Favourites

I wrote this post up and realised I'd forgotten to include an intro so I've come back in to say hi and start this off properly. March was a long month for me, but with the Easter break it flew into April quicker than I expected. I was feeling spendy and bombed out on some splurges- though concert tickets for my boyfriend's birthday later this year were a present! I decided to invest in my skin a bit more- SPF, less makeup and I'm currently trialing Mario Badescu's Enzyme Revitalising Mask in an attempt to fade some spot scars. It's no surprise that I'm struggling with my skin but half of March was spent battling some serious spottage on my face- I'm talking like 5 monstrosities that took a good week to heal and will take a month to fade, hence the efforts to amp up skincare game. My hair on the other hand, is well-taken-care-of after a trip to the salon where I got 99% of my split ends cut off and a nice fresh trim. I've started styling it and I'm much happier with where it's at now.